Of the Orchard

Tomato, onion, tuna and goat cheese salad

Salad of candied figs, Iberian ham and foie

Salad of prawns, fava beans and Iberian ham

Pickled sherry tomatoes with buffalo burrata, red pesto and sherry ice cream

Of the Orchard


Iberian acorn ham

Cantabrian anchovies

Foie gras with apple and raspberries

Left of the house

Marta's "roasted" croquettes

Iberian acorn ham croquettes

Cod fritters

Crispy red prawn fritters

Crispy nest of gorgonzola, jam and foie

Crisp apple nest, black sausage and foie

Scrambled eggs with potatoes and Iberian ham

Thighs of the Tower



Bluefin tuna tartar with strawberry and tomato

Left of the house

Beef steak tartare

Canned snails

Stir-fried asparagus, mushrooms and prawns

Roast cannelloni with apple and foie

Mushroom cannelloni with foie

Fresh pasta of the day

Sauteed peas with onion, black sausage and egg at low temperature

The rice

Seafood paella

Fideuà of the fisherman

Black rice with octopus carpaccio and garlic emulsions

Mr. rice

Sweet rice with squid and red prawn

Rice with razor clams and clams

Iberian secret rice with mushrooms and foie

Secret Iberian noodles with mushrooms and foie

Mountain honey rice and mushrooms

Crayfish rice with its tartare

The rice

Grilled meat

Grilled octopus with parmentiere and garlic emulsions

Iberian pork fillet with P. Ximénez reduction

Grilled Angus burger with mushroom cream


Beef brisket

Grilled lamb chops and halves

Pig's feet

Iberian lizard

Pork cheeks

Palou sausage


Grilled meat

The Desserts

Creamy cheese cake "the best of Vallès"

Crispy Idiazabal foam with pineapple and its ice cream

Hazelnut and white chocolate praline coulant

Coca de Llavaneres


The coulant of Peace

Apple tatin with vanilla ice cream

Flam curd with honey and walnuts

White chocolate flam

Cheese mousse with "Crumble" and raspberries

Burnt pineapple carpaccio with coconut ice cream

Ice creams to taste: Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, tangerine, coconut, yogurt, idiazábal, lemon and aufábrega, cherry tomato

Premium ice cream: Hazelnut and cocoa

Homemade yogurt with forest fruits

The Desserts
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